Monday, June 2, 2014

Watson Lake

Two nights here, one at the Downtown RV park with full hookups and one at the Yukon Provincial Park out by the lake.  Almost the whole group is here.  We had a 4pm happy hour at Mark N’s site.  Then we all went our own way.  Laundry for sure!  Jon and I took a one hour drive up the Campbell Highway, it’s an alternate route that goes up the “top of the world highway”.  We’ve decided not to take that route…this time!

One of the rivers we crossed on the Highway.  It was so peaceful but sure was cold!
 Saw this fellow on the way back to the park for the 4pm happy hour.
The next day, the group was supposed to meet at noon for the posting of the sign, however, they all got antsy to do it so we missed being in the group photo.  They posted the sign around 11 while we were setting up at the provincial park or touring the visitor center.  We met a fellow from Buffalo NY (my family is from Buffalo) who took our photo then we took his.
Look above our heads for the reddish sign.  If you click on the photo it will get larger.  The sign forest was started by a lonely worker in 1942.  He posted a sign showing the way toward his home city and soon others followed.  The original sign is long gone, but the visitor center now maintains the site, adding new posts every year.  They estimate the number of signs every year.  If I remember correctly in 2013 there were over 20,000 signs from all over the world.  Saw this pretty fellow at the sign forest.

Then back at the campground we saw a gray jay!  I’ve been looking for one for several years and finally saw a pair.  They move fast, really fast so only got this one clearly.

More later.

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