Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dalton Highway

Well we tried to drive it!  We really did, but because it had been raining the road was a slushy mess.  We did check with the visitor center before heading out, they assured us that it was drivable, not sure who they thought it was drivable by, not us!  Anyway, we started up the Elliott Highway which joins the Dalton, sunny then into the clouds, then we were up and down in and out of the clouds or fog.  Finally 5 miles of the slush and Jon decided to turn around and head back.  The going was very slow but still the truck and trailer were covered in gunk!  We found a wayside to stay in for the night.  Man it was cold up there!  We both wore our long underwear to bed.  The morning brought beautiful sunshine all the way back to Fairbanks.  Fuel, new battery for the trailer (the old one finally bit the dust) then to the wash it yourself place.  We are almost clean, but at least most of the gunk is off the underside.  Since it is raining as I write this, I am hoping that more will be washed off.  Photos later, the camera is still in the truck!

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