Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Teslin to Carcross

Nice road, easy driving.  Views of the snow capped peaks along the way, then just like that you are in Carcross.  The sign at the turnoff says the town used to be called Caribou Crossing.  First stop was the visitor center where we were loaded with information about the town and the road to Skagway.  We were also told about a free campground right next to the airport.  Carcross is a very small town, you can actually walk the whole place in about 30 minutes or less, more if you visit all the shops that are open.  The White Pass and Yukon Railroad, a narrow gauge train, comes up from Skagway to spend a few hours here, but not today.  We saw the old swing bridge, now permanently closed, that used to open for steam paddle wheelers heading up river with supplies.  There is also a display on the restoration project of one of those ships that burned when it was almost completed.  Across the river are some cabins that look like they’ve been there for more than 100 years.  Further into town is the beach.  Yes there is a beach complete with waves, or rather rollers not suitable for surfing. The beach is wide and long along the lake, we were told that later in the summer it is a very popular place.  Then we headed up the highway toward the Haines junction to find the “Desert”.  Well folks, it isn’t like any desert we know.  It’s more like sand dunes with pine trees and wild flowers, impressive anyway you look at it.

There was another couple from our group in the campground when we got back, they had a nice fire going so we sat around it for a while and yakked.

Oh by the way, the sun is now setting around midnight,

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