Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On to Teslin

Well folks, I tried to upload photos yesterday but the connection here is so slow, how slow, well if you were to try to pour molasses from a deep freeze, it might be faster than this connection.  That’s slow!  So I will just paint you word pictures for now and post photos later on.
The day started off very overcast.  The road, a delight to drive, no traffic to speak of.  No animals either!  We did see a number of small “pothole” lakes beside the road.  One stop we made was to a 10 minute walk on a wooden trail to a very impressive waterfall.  Jon didn’t want to make the walk so I went alone, no problem, several other people walking the trail at the same time.  The falls were impressive to say the least.  Not a large drop but more like high rapids, lots of churning water.  A really pretty spot for a short break.
Over the top of a hill and opening up before us at the bottom of the hill was the town of Teslin.  To reach it, one must drive over a very long,metal decked bridge.  Soon as you exit the other side you are in the town.  Off to the right is a campground with a restaurant, gas station and gift shop/wild animal display type museum.  We continued thru town to the provincial park, left the trailer and headed back to take some photos of the bridge then went into town to see the animal display, well worth whatever donation you want to leave.  At the Tlingit (pronounced Klingit) Heritage center we discovered that they don’t open until June 1st, same with the other museum in town.  Jon found a road that led up to the Microwave towers high up on a hill overlooking town.  The views from the top were fantastic!  That’s when the batteries in the camera died!  So it was back to the campground, find the charger, plug it into the truck and charge batteries.  When they were all charged up, Jon and Mark headed back up the mountain to take some very impressive photos.  Our campsite was among the trees so we looked as if we were camouflaged, but it was great to look out the window and see the lake below us.
Watch for photos in a few days, I hope!

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