Saturday, June 7, 2014

Skagway to Whitehorse

After a wonderful 4 days in Skagway it was time to continue the journey.  We headed up to Carcross after the train ride for the night, staying in the same provincial campground. 


In the morning we went into town to the bakery for fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  They had just come out of the oven when we walked in.  This time they were peach and pecan.  Boy oh boy are they yummy!  When we headed back to the truck, I noticed some animal tracks crossing our tire tracks, it was moose!  We had just missed it!  Darn!

Jon and I made a stop at the Moore property, he was a miner turned rancher.  Wouldn’t you just love to live here? This was taken from the RR tracks looking west.

Deserted roads almost all the way to Whitehorse.

We’ve been here for two days now, restocking the trailer.  Last night all the 7 of us went to dinner at Rib & Salmon downtown.  We shared a plate of Reindeer Stew, it was so very good! 

Tomorrow we start up the top of the world highway.  Probably won’t have internet again for the 3 days it will take us to get to Tok, Alaska.

Stay tuned!

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