Friday, June 27, 2014

Kicking back in Anderson

We’ve been here for a few days now with a few more before moving on down towards Denali.  Jon and I drove south on the Parks Highway to Healy one day, lots of road construction going on but where they are finished the road is wonderful!  Better than most in the lower 48.  Took a side road into Lignite just to see what was there, lots with houses, junk and a Moose on the grass runway!

Sign says “No traffic on runway”, cross the street is a house where a little dog was barking at this Moose, so she charged the dog then turned around to eat some bushes and have a drink from a puddle in the road.  She turned to watch us for a while then ambled down the runway.

We’ve seen a lot of trashed trucks, talking to the locals we found out that it costs to much to get rid of them, besides they might need them for parts, or use them for other things, like this

This is what is looks like at 3am, hard to tell if this is Sunset or sunrise.

One day we drove back to Nenana, visited the cultural center, along with 7 tour buses!  Forgot the camera that day!  Oh well, just have to make another trip.  But we did stay long enough to visit with some of the locals.  Most have mixed feelings about the tour busses, yes it brings in money, but….

On the way back to Anderson we saw another Moose, this time he was in a pond just off the road.  He’s a young bull just growing antlers.

Sure hope we see more animals when we get to Denali.

Sunsets/sunrises have been awesome here.  These were taken between 12:30am and 2am.  Could anything be more beautiful?

IMG_2969a IMG_2970a IMG_2971a

IMG_2973a IMG_2972a

Nancy arrived so now there are 3 of us to do some line dancing.  We’ve had a good workout too, 1 1/2 hours this morning and another this afternoon.  Tonight the group, now 16 in all, will head to the Clear Sky Lodge for a steak dinner, reportedly the best steaks in Alaska!

Well, they were!  Then it was time for some campfire chit chat before retiring.

Stay tuned, more adventures to come.

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