Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our last day in Fairbanks.

Yesterday we toured the downtown area including the Morris Visitor center.  There were some demonstrations of Athabascan drumming and singing, and beading too.  We walked thru the cabin on the property dating from the early 1900’s.  From the visitor center one can walk to the park in the downtown area.  Summer concerts are held here.  Lunch at the Fudge Pot was good, we had Salmon Chowder.  We’ve had it several times now in different locations.  Since the sun doesn’t really set here, sunset or sunrise is really pretty. 

This was taken about 1:30 in the morning.

Today Jon and I visited Pioneer Park.  The is a free amusement type park in the center of town with a lot of “saved” historical log cabins.  Most of which have been turned into shops for tourists.  There are several eating places, the restored stern wheel, Nena, and a replica of the Nena railroad..  The palace theatre is also located here, we didn’t go in, but understand that the show is pretty good.  A salmon bake dinner at the park could fill a persons belly for a week.


And we found the Material Girls quilt shop.  Course I had to get something, no quilter can pass a quilt shop without buying something.  Next year I will put together all the pieces I’ve been getting into a quilt that will be a wonderful memory of this trip.

It’s raining as I write this, not a hard rain, but the kind that soaks into the ground.  We’ve had three really good weather days here, today was mostly overcast and cool.  Tomorrow we head up the road toward Chena Springs to do some dry camping and maybe some off roading. 

Stay tuned for more adventures! 

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