Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tok to Fairbanks

Rained most of the night last night, woke to rain too.  Oh not the kind we get in Texas, but just a light, steady rain, enough to make hooking up miserable.  But we did it and headed off towards Fairbanks.  Not 15 minutes later we saw a pair of Moose crossing the highway, they were at least a quarter mile away, but we did see them!  Then we saw several more as we traveled the road.

Good road, long straight stretches of highway with pines on both sides.  Later on we came to one of the many burn areas.  Seems like Alaska, like California, has fires every year.  In Alaska most are started by lightning strikes instead of man.  Where the fires have burned, Quaking Aspen have taken over.  Did you know that these Aspen trees send out underground runners to grow new trees and that these new trees leaf, change color and drop their leaves the same as the mother tree?  Interesting, isn’t it.

We crossed many rivers that were wide but shallow and at this time of year had very little water in them.  They are mostly snow melt runoff.  We also saw lots of small lakes and a few large ones too.  No critters that we could see.  However, we did see at least a dozen Moose crossing the highway in front of us all thru the drive today.

Here’s some shots from the drive.

Delta Junction is the official end of the Alaska Highway. 

Told you the mosquitoes were big!

Continuing on we also stopped at a place called “The Knottty Shoppe”.  Saw these out front.


Can you figure out what they are supposed to be?

We’ll be in Fairbanks for the next few days, re-supplying the trailer, getting a tire for the trailer and doing the tourist thing too.  Oh, we caught up with some of the Loosey Goosey’s too.

More fun to follow, stay tuned.

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