Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Carcross to Skagway

Today’s drive was only 65 miles, but it took us almost 2 hours to do!  So much beautiful scenery along the way.  Rain most of the way too.  There were beautiful lakes, small islands in the lakes, fog shrouded mountains and at one point the fog was even down to road level.  Then the sun tried to make an appearance and finally did, but it was weak, at least the rain stopped.  What we were blessed with was snow streaks on the mountain sides, waterfalls and green trees!  Amazing sights.  At one point we passed the Yukon and White pass train heading back to Skagway.  Then it was back into the US of A! and guess what?!  We are now in Alaska!  YHIIPEE!

Heading down the hill into Skagway was an 11% grade.  Jon just put the truck in tow haul mode and kept the speed at about 25MPH all the way down, hardly ever touched the brakes.  We checked into the campground, set up and headed into town to look around a bit.  Lunch was at a small bistro, walked a couple of blocks then headed over to the train station to check on our reservations for Thursday.  There are 4 ships in the harbor now so the town is crowded.  They all sail sometime tonight.  Tomorrow we will walk around some, visit the quilt shop for sure!

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