Monday, June 16, 2014

Fairbanks, day 1

Today was a fantastic day!  Beautiful bright sun, warm (82 deg) with a very slight breeze.  First thing we did was head to Wal Mart to get a new trailer tire.  Once that was done it was off to lunch then over to the river for a ride on the Sternwheeler up the Chena river to an Athabasca camp – not a real one, but what one would have looked like before white man and what one would look like after white man arrived.  On the way we saw some gorgeous log homes and the dog training camp of Susan Butcher, 4 time winner of the Iditarod.


Those are Reindeer, descendents of ones imported from Russia and very similar to Caribou which are native to Alaska.  The winter coat being modeled took over 6 months to make and is valued at over $5000!

Tomorrow we visit downtown Fairbanks.

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