Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dempster Highway

OK, so I made a mistake, I admit it!  On one of the past posts I said we were driving the Dempster Highway toward Tok.  I was wrong!  It’s the Klondike Highway until we reach Boundary which is the border between the Yukon and Alaska where the road name changes to the Taylor highway.  We’ve been on the Klondike Highway since leaving Whitehorse.  The highway follows the Yukon River for a while.  At Pelly Crossing, where we stayed one night, we crossed the Pelly River, then further on at Stewart Crossing we crossed the Mayo River.  Dawson City is on the banks of the Yukon River which flows north into Alaska until it reaches the Bering Sea.  So much for the geography lesson.

Here’s what I saw at 12:30 this morning, I have trouble sleeping and even more so now that the sun barely sets.


We were told that the drive up the Dempster Highway toward Inuvik is really pretty, and that there are lots of critters to see.  So from the campground in town to the highway, which is south of town, it’s 25 miles.  Then somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 to 300 miles to just the arctic circle line.  We decided to only go as far as the Tombstone Park Interpretive Center, yes it really is called Tombstone.  It’s part of the Canadian National Park system.  We packed a picnic lunch and took off.  First critter we see is on the Klondike Highway not more than 15 miles from Dawson City.


That’s a Momma and her pup.  Cute as could be, right after I snapped their picture, they turned tail and headed into the trees.  Here’s a few photos from today’s drive.

Back at the campground we had 4 o'clock at Kim and Jim’s rig because it was cold,windy and wet outside.  Everyone decided to go out to dinner tonight, Jon and I went to Klondike Kates where we had the most wonderful Salmon Salad and garlic bread.  The rest of the group went to Sourdough Joe’s.  We had lunch there the other day, it was very good too.  We are pulling out in the morning, traveling caravan style, with Dave and Lois leading, then Mark N followed by us with Kim and Jim acting as tail gunner.  Crossing the Yukon River is by a free ferry.  We should make it to Chicken for an overnight stop, then on to Tok.

See Ya down the road!

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