Sunday, September 28, 2014

San Fernando Valley

So we arrived at the Thousand Trails Park in Acton, got set up and called my Uncle.  Went to see him on Saturday, he asked us if we could take him on some errands which of course we could.  It was agreed we would bring the trailer down, park it in his driveway and use our truck to take him where he wanted to to.  Sunday Jon and I went to Vasquez Rocks County Park.  In all the years we lived  in the area, we had never been there.

The odd shapes and slanted rocks are the results of earthquakes, this area is on the San Andreas Fault, and there are a lot of quakes here, some big some small.

Then on Tuesday we parked the trailer in his driveway.  While we were having lunch one of his Dr’s called and wanted to see him that afternoon.  The news wasn’t good, the cancer is back.  The rest of the evening we talked about the next step, a bone biopsy.  That’s what we are waiting on now, after that ….. well, we will just have to wait and see.

Saturday my brother and his wife came up from Ramona for a visit.

This last one is looking across the street at sunset.

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