Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Florence to Calif

For the past 4 days we have had no internet, so here’s a brief look at the last 4 days.


Jezabel on a hunting trip behind our site at Florence.

Bridge at Coos Bay

National Sand Dunes

The foggy coast

One of the many rivers we crossed, then we were  in the Giant Redwoods, from sun to fog.  These trees love the fog!

The coast, then over the Klamath River and back in to the Redwoods

A Bull Elk, one of many that we saw.  Also went past a herd of female Elk but no where to pull over.

It’s very hard to photograph a Giant Redwood.  This was looking up at towards the top of the tree.

Today we traveled east on Highway 20, thru the mountains towards the central valley farmlands, past Clear Lake.

We stopped for the night at Nicolaus.  It’s North of Sacramento.  We plan to reach the Los Angeles area by Friday.

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