Thursday, September 11, 2014

Washington to Oregon

Saturday we picked up our mail, haven’t had any for over a month, not much in it we needed.  Sunday morning was beautiful, but we’d been here (Birch Bay) for a week and it was time to continue the journey south.  Goodbye nice site and good TV reception, course it was Canadian.

Heading south, we skirted Seattle, no problem with traffic, then turned east thru rolling hills and farmland.

We arrive at Thousand Trails Chehalis Park in the early afternoon.  This park was the first one that Thousand Trails purchased 45 years ago.  It’s built up the side of a mountain so finding a level site is something of a challenge.  We did manage to find one and it’s a big one too!  However, because of all the trees there is no internet.

Next day was taken up driving into town to look around, the park is almost 15 miles out of town.  Around the next corner was a fresh from the farm farmers market.  We got some great local peaches and pears, they were great.  All too soon it was time to move on again.  Continuing south we crossed the Columbia River near Longview, Wash.  Looking down from the bridge one can see large storage lots of logs with some being loaded onto boats, destination … probably overseas to be processed and returned to the US of A.


After crossing the river, we took some back roads thru the mountains to reach the coast.  This drive was probably the prettiest yet.

Thousand Trails Pacific City was the destination.  Like Chehalis, this park is partly up the side of a mountain, with the sites set among trees and wild berry bushes, again no internet reception.

In the afternoon, I walked to the Beach, thru the woods and suddenly, there it is, the pacific ocean!


On the way back, I spot some of the local “wildlife”.

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