Monday, September 1, 2014

100 Mile House

Leaving Joy, we head back West to the main highway south, thru Cache Creek to the town of 100 Mile House.  Now there are some interesting towns names along this road, 100 Mile House, 93 Mile House, 70 Mile House, you get the picture, so names because they were that many miles from the starting point to the gold fields at Barkerville.  The names just stuck.  So 100 Mile House has a nice Municipal Campground located behind the Centennial Park, no hookups of course, but they do have a stream behind the sites and a walking trail to the falls.  So off we go in search of the falls.


The walk down the hill was sure worth the effort. 

This is the long Labor Day weekend and we are hoping to get a site somewhere near the border for tomorrow night.  We have reservations at a Thousand Trails Park in Blaine, WA beginning Sunday.

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