Monday, September 1, 2014

Hope, BC

Our last night in Canada was in the tiny town of Hope, located on the Fraser River.  We’d been following the Thompson River south until the town of Lytton where it joined the Fraser.  Both are fast moving rivers with lots of rapids and rafters.  There are train tracks on both sides of the Fraser River, we are lucky enough to be following a train down the canyon, and what a canyon it is!  These photos just don’t do it justice!

But first we take a short side trip to view “The Chasm” and see this peaceful looking farm on the way.



Can you believe that a tiny stream cut this “Chasm”? 

Then all of a sudden, there it is, the mighty Fraser River.


Soon we are in Hope.  Here the North/South highway ends, or rather joins the East/West Trans Canada Highway.  We are lucky enough to find a site for the night then head back into town to look at the carvings.  Hope sponsors a Chain Saw carving contest every year, these are just some of the winners from years past.


Can you believe the detail these chain saw carvers achieve, no wonder they are winners!

Tomorrow we cross back into the US of A.

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