Friday, September 19, 2014

California Central Valley

Much changed since we last traveled Highway 99, either North or South.  This valley is where a major portion of food is grown, however, now there is a big problem with water – they don’t have it!  There is a drought, but that isn’t the main problem, most of the water is going to the new housing that is going up all over this long, long agricultural valley.  We’ve seen groves of nuts; almond, pistachio and walnut, grapes; both wine and table, rice paddies and fields of peppers and corn.  Nearer to Bakersfield we saw fruit trees; peach, plum and orange.  Then smelled garlic.  We also saw several areas of feed lots, mostly milk cows.  We also saw lots of fields left unattended, and that was the saddest part of the drive.  It took us two days to travel from North of Sacramento to Acton (near Palmdale in the Antelope Valley).  Not sure how long we will be here, tomorrow we are heading into the San Fernando Valley to see my Uncle, depending on him is how long we stay.

So here are a few photos from our drive.

First is a rice field, followed by a rice drier then the Sacramento skyline and of course the traffic.  There has been road construction since we left Texas.  And finally, we saw a sign for Livingston, but it isn’t in Texas!


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