Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to BC

Jon has become addicted to Lay’s Ketchup flavored potatoe chips.  Only one major problem, they are only available in Canada!  So he decided that we would go back into Canada, Surrey actually, and purchase some with what we have left of the Canadian money.

We took the scenic route to the border crossing, saw some geese swimming in the bay, that’s ocean water, I didn’t think they liked salt water.  Who knew.  Also saw a great Blue Heron.


Then we were in Canada, again.  Surrey is a beautiful town, lots of trees and flowers.  Got what we came for then back to the US. 

 Yesterday we went blackberry picking.  They grow wild all over here, not just a few but massive bushes lining most roads and in open fields too.  Course getting safely off the road to pick is another story, but we did manage to find a spot, got enough to make a cobbler.  Yummy!

Today we went back to Bellingham to get the tires rotated and have lunch with an internet quilting friend.  Spent the entire afternoon visiting, it was a great day!  Thanks Judy T!

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