Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wildlife Center

Since the weather didn’t look that good when we got up, we decided to go to the Wildlife Center.  This is where animals that have been hurt are nursed back to health and released into the wild again, or if they are too badly hurt, kept permanently.  Sometimes orphans are brought in, these are also permanent residents.  So here’s some of the critters we saw today.

How many were you able to identify? 

The first 2 are Elk, the next one is an Elk fawn, then a Bald Eagle (he lost a wing due to a shooting), then a Muskox followed by a pair of orphaned Black Bears, an Orphaned Grizzly or Brown Bear.  The next photo is of a herd of Wood Bison that will be released in 2015.  A pair of bull Moose, a Great Horned Owl, some Caribou and the last one we saw on the road to Hope, it’s a White Winged Cross Bill.  If you zoom in on the bill you can see that it crosses, his jaw works side to side not up and down, favorite food is the seeds of pine cones.

Then we decided to drive into Girdwood and maybe take the tram to the top of Mt Alyeska, no such luck, too much cloud cover.  So after lunch we headed into Hope.  It was wall to wall fishing in the streams, and they were catching Salmon to their limits.


Stay tuned!

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