Monday, July 7, 2014

Closer to Denali

On Friday the 27th of June we moved from Anderson to Denali Motel & RV Park, just 45 miles closer to Denali.  So why move only 45 miles?  Because we had full hookups, free internet connection and laundry facilities!  We really needed the laundry most of all. 

Guess it was take you dog to work day.

This cute little fellow was tied to the hitch of the truck and his bed was under the truck so he could stay warm and dry.

So checking blogs, I discovered that one of my internet quilting friends, who had been about a month behind us, has now caught up with us and is in the same park we are!  We spent the afternoon visiting, had dinner then took a drive into the park to see if we could see any animals.



This is as far as can be driven, 15 miles at the Savage River Crossing, without a  permit.  It’s to protect the fragile environment and critters.

This cow waited for us on the return trip. 

Tomorrow we actually get to go into the National Park and camp!

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