Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Just hanging out

We moved down to City park in Houston where we were expecting a package for Jon.  The park is on the Little Susitna River, no hookups, set in the trees.  Nice park for little money.

Since we are only 58 miles or so from Anchorage, we decided to drive down there for the day.  We found the visitor center in the center of the city, walked around a bit, found the Quilted Raven quilt shop, then had enough of “city”.  Drove around some then headed back toward Houston.  Wasilla is on they way back, pretty lake on the Parks Highway in the middle of town.

Rain overnight, again.  Checked on the package again, It was there so we headed on down to the full hookup park in Wasilla.  I was able to get the laundry done.  In the afternoon we headed into town so I could get a haircut, Jon got the truck washed then we headed over to Wal-Mart to pick my prescriptions.  Also stopped by the Transportation Museum and the Wildlife center.  No animals! 

Heading down to the peninsula next.

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