Monday, July 21, 2014

Whittier Glacier Cruise

O M G!  What a great trip this was!  Starting from the 3 mile drive thru the tunnel.  The road is shared with the train, from Portage or Bear Valley, the tunnel is open on the half hour for 15 minutes,  from the Whittier side it is open on the hour for 15 minutes.  Not sure about the schedule when a train comes thru. 

We left from the harbor in Whittier, had to back around this ship.

A backward look at Whittier, then we headed to Beloit Glacier.


These are some of the chunks of ice that calved.

This was a hidden waterfall we passed on the way back, the captain pushed the bow of the boat right into the grotto.


Then we came upon a “raft of sea otters”  They are so cute!

And a Mew Gull rookery on the side of a cliff

If you are ever in Portage, take the trip thru the tunnel to Whittier and ride with Major Marine Tours out to Beloit Glacier, you won’t be sorry!

More adventures tomorrow.

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