Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On to Denali State Park

Monday, July 7, we left Denali National Park heading South on the Park Highway, destination is Denali State Park – Byer Lake Campground.  First thing we see in a pond beside the road is this Momma. She kept looking over her shoulder, so after a closer look I found her two babies.

The drive was beautiful, thru a canyon with open Tundra and Mountains so beautiful I forgot to take photos!  But I think I’ve posted enough mountain pictures now.  This campground is almost beside the lake, just a short walk down a path, alas rain so no photo, but the lake is very pretty.  The state flower of Alaska is the Forget Me Not and they are all over here.  When the sun came out for a few minutes, Jon got me this shot.


Tuesday we decided to drive the Petersville Road which goes from Trapper Creek to the mining camp of Petersville.  We didn’t go all the way to the mining camp, it’s almost inside the National park and on a dirt/gravel road.  Just after we turned onto the highway, we saw this Mom teaching her babies to cross the road.


They made a safe crossing!

How many ducklings do you count?  This is a Common Merganser with her brood.  They all headed to the rapids and scurried down, looked like fun to me!

This looks like a beaver lodge but we didn’t see any beaver in the area.


Love the flowers in front of the house


Can you find the Ptarmigan?


The flowers were so beautiful we took our time looking at them and while we were this beautiful Dragonfly landed on my sleeve, it stayed there for about 10 minutes.

It’s raining again as I write this.  Tomorrow we head into Talkeetna.

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