Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Kenai

Our last day we drove up into the hills beyond the campground just to see what was there.  Cabins, some looked grand and some looked abandoned,  all were way off the road and only seen thru the trees.  We did see this cow in a grassy field.


Flowers here seem to grow taller than anywhere else we have been.


This is fishing from the beach in the Kenai river, and this is just a small group!  They are after silver salmon, all of them are dip netting which only Alaska residents are allowed to do.  They have a 5 to 6 foot round hoop on the end of a pole with a net in the hoop, they just hold the net in the water and wait for a fish to swim into it.

About a mile or so up the side road from the campground, we found some men “spawning” the salmon.  The fish were hauled out of the water and the eggs removed to be taken to a hatchery in Anchorage.  They would then be released in other streams where the fish are not as plentiful.

This  pretty Yellowlegs was fishing from the rocks above where the salmon were held captive.

Down on Deep Creek,  we saw this boat being towed/pushed out to sea, there is a person on the Pocahontas, guess he is steering. Then we saw two juvenile Eagles, one was very active, flying around and exercising it’s wings while the other sat on a stump by the water, all the time the parents were watching from two different vantage points.  The little guy in the last photo wasn’t even bothered by the Eagles.


Tomorrow we head for Seward

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