Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kenai Peninsula

We left Williwaw campground on Saturday morning heading west to Ninilchik. On the way we drove thru Soldotna then turned south along the western side of Cook Inlet.  The day was beautiful, sunny and clear.  Clear enough that we could see both Mt Redoubt and Mt Iliamna, both are volcanoes in the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve on the East side of Cook Inlet.

Just so you get an idea of how big the mountain is.

Ninilchik is an old Russian settlement between the Ninilchik River and Deep Creek.  There is camping on the beaches on both rivers and lots of fishing.  Tractors put boats into and take them out of the ocean all along here.  The old Russian Orthodox Church is on a bluff overlooking the sea.  It’s fascinating watching the tractors work.

The boats come in fast, pull onto the trailer and the tractor pulls them out.  You can see in the second photo just how far into the ocean the trailer is.

The next day we drove down to Homer.  Camping is where ever there is an open spot and very close together, most of it is dry camping.  We saw boats everywhere, fisherpersons lining the banks and crowds.  Not our idea of a good place to be.  After lunch we headed to the Islands and Oceans Visitor center.  This was the highlight of our trip!  We saw 2 families of Whooping Cranes in the wetland field.  Need a better camera!

More later

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