Saturday, July 12, 2014

Off Road in Talkeetna

Today started off with rain, yet again.  But we decided not to let it stop us.  Jon made wonderful pancakes for breakfast, we used our new Birch Syrup, it was very good.  Then we decided to head into the “town” to see the rest of the shops before heading off road.  Here are a few pics from this morning.


This is the Historic Fairview Inn

Saw this at one of the shops, it’s so very true!

This looked like a good place to eat, but it was still to early for lunch and by the time we were ready, there was a line out to the street and then some so we ate at the Brew Pub across the street.  We shared a burger and sweet potatoe wedges. I sampled one of the beers, Honey Raspberry, it was very good!

By now the sun had come out so we headed off for some off road adventure.  First stop was this beautiful lake where planes take off and land.  These planes ferry folks to lakes that are not accessible by any other means, they also take people up for animal viewing and glacier landings – both were beyond our budget – this time! 

Saw this installation deep in the woods at the end of a road.  It was built in 1969 and closed in 2001.  Here’s the bio I found when I goggled  Bartlett Earth Station

The Bartlett Earth Station was built originally by RCA communications. "As one of the first large satellite systems this station was required to be extremely large. The immense size of the hub earth station was necessary to overcome not only the losses through 22,000 miles of space, but also because technology had not advanced in the areas of low noise amplifier designs, and spacecraft power budgets. Systems of this size are no longer required for satellite communications, so its owner, AT&T decided to decommission the facility for this reason, among others." - Bartlett Radio Astronomy Institute


All in all we had a great day exploring the back country south of Talkeetna.

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