Saturday, May 10, 2014

The past two days

What can I say, when there is no connection, there are no posts!
We are now in Great Falls, MT and have a great connection!  We'll be here for a few days getting caught up on last minute things, like laundry, making sure the propane thanks are full and stocking up on groceries.  Also plan on doing a bit of sightseeing while we are here.
But backing up, we left Cheyene heading West on the interstate for a while then took some back roads and ended up late in the afternoon at Lander WY.  The interstate we were on was originally called the Lincoln Highway.  Here's a few pics from the past two days.

This one is Split Rock and was used as a landmark by the Indians and later by travelers.

 These are the crazy mountains.

Jon decided to route us over some hills along a dirt road that cut off a lot of miles but not time.  The road was pretty and very easy to drive.  Then we joined MT Hwy 89, a scenic road, 2 lanes with a speed limit of 65MPH!  I kept it around 60 most of the way.

 Near the top, 6600+ elevation, we got rain, snow, then gravel sized hail, followed by rain again.  By the time we got to White Sulphur Springs the sun was out again.

 All in all, it was an enjoyable drive today thru canyons, along the Yellowstone, Bridger and some other river I can't remember.  
The most expensive fuel was in Wyoming, over $4.00 a gallon!  And we haven't gotten the highest yet, that is supposed to be in Canada.  Ah well, this is a once in a lifetime trip so do I really care? NO!
See ya down the road.

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