Friday, May 30, 2014

Prophet River to Racing River Bridge

After two relaxing days and laughing at jokes by night, we left Prophet River heading for Liard River Hot Springs, however, with all the stops we made along the way, it was after 4p when we passed the Racing River Bridge and spied a nice place to stay the night.  Here's some sights we saw along the way.
These are just two of the more than a dozen black bears we saw.  Because spring was 2 weeks late this year, they are just now coming out of hibernation, and they are hungry too.  All that we saw were eating Dandelions and seemed to be really enjoying them.  .
 Not sure where this was, but I think it was near one of the summits.  The mountain on the left is supposed to be of an Indian in profile, not sure what the other is named.
 Mark N with one of the famous cinnamon rolls at Tetsa River Services and Campground.  We got one too and they were scrumptious!
This is Tetsa Lake, still frozen the end of May! 
We rounded a corner and saw this pair of Caribu munching on the grass beside the roadAnother turn in the road revealed some Stone Sheep.
 Here's our campsite in a clearing beside the Racing River, not to far from Muncho Lake where the rest of the group spent the night in provincial park.  The bridge over the river has metal decking, we didn't hear much traffic during the night.
 Here's what we saw when we walked over to view the River.
 Today's drive was very pleasant, good roads all the way, some mountains to climb over but the truck had no problem either going up or down.  Fuel mileage is averaging 12.5MPG.  The cost of diesel has been running in the $1.46 to $1.99 per liter.
Next stop will be Liard Hot Springs.

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