Monday, May 12, 2014

Great Falls, Montana

Today was a beautiful day in Great Falls!  Still on the cool side, but sunny and clear.  We started the day by going to breakfast to celebrate a birthday. The guy in the brown jacket, today was his BIG day!  These are just a few of the people we are going to Alaska with.
 After breakfast, Jon and I went sightseeing.  This interpretive center is awesome!  It is also not open for the season yet, however, there was a large group of school children there doing some kind of project so we were allowed to go in, and for no charge!  The center tells the story of the "Corps of Discovery" from the time they leave St Louis until reaching the pacific ocean and return to St Louis.  This is a don't miss!
These statues are metal, they are looking at the Great Falls on the Missouri River.  The Corps had to go overland to get beyond the falls.
This is steamboat Island, lots of seagulls roosting there.  I even saw an eagle, but it was much too far away to get a photo.
 Here's Jon and I at one of the many falls on the river.
 This was just downriver from where we were standing, and the next one is upriver.

 Snow geese with their babies at one of the many riverside parks, the little ones are so cute!

 This was near the rail yards, just couldn't resist the "flower pot" hanging on the wall.
 The front of the snow plow is painted to look like a monster gobbling up the snow.
 And lastly here is where we are camped.  Nice sites.
Later in the afternoon, one of the guys helped Jon figure out why the battery on the trailer wasn't charging while driving, had a blown fuse, now that it is replaced, we are good to dry camp again.
See ya down the road

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