Friday, May 23, 2014

Dawson Creek, day 2

Woke to overcast skies this morning and wind.  Carol and I decided to do some line dancing in the community room here at the park.  The floor is wonderful!  We danced for a little over an hour.  Great exercise.  A little later Jon and I went into Dawson Creek to the quilt shop in Downtown.  They are having a 25% off sale on panels.  I picked out one with tree animals and another is a packet of typical British Columbia scenes.  Talked to the lady there for a while, she enjoyed hearing about our trip and we loved hearing about her living in Dawson.  We read about another quilt shop in Alberta, out Highway 49 about 20 minutes so off we went.  Only problem is that the owner has decided to be open by appointment only now and since our phones are turned off, we couldn't make an appointment.  We did see their exotic animals and the drive was lovely.

On the way back to Dawson we saw this strange looking truck.  
It's not like a typical 18 wheeler!  
In the center of Dawson Creek is the Mile 0 post with the 3 flags on top; Canada, British Columbia and Dawson Creek.  The post is in the middle of an intersection.
Back at the campground, our group gathered to hear a talk by the Visitor Center.  She gave us some interesting facts about the building of the Alaska Highway.  It was started just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and completed in only 8 months!  The original road was 1523 miles from Dawson Creek to Fairbanks with 133 bridges and over 8000 culverts.  The road was built by 11,000 us troops and 16,000 American and Canadian civilians using 7,000 pieces of equipment.  And not your modern day equipment either!

In the early afternoon some of the guys did guy things, while others stood around holding up a truck.

See ya down the road.


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