Thursday, May 22, 2014

Calgary to Dawson Creek

We've been without internet access since leaving Calgary.  Well almost anyway, there was service available in Grand Prairie but it was so slow, all I could do there was get e-mail downloaded.  Tried to post here but it took so long that I finally timed out!
Let's see if I can remember everything now. Leaving Calgary we headed toward Banff , Lake Louise and Jasper Provincial Parks. It's a toll road thru the parks but well worth the money spent.  Besides, the fee was good for almost 2 whole days!  We saw snow capped mountains by the score and took over 100 photos!  Here's just a few and not in any order.
This is a large animal bridge over the road, there are 23 of them, topped with soil, plants and a fence on the sides so the animals can cross safely.  Reportedly there are more than 8 species that use these bridges, we never saw animals on them.
 Main entrance to the parks.
One of several frozen or partially frozen lakes we saw on the drive.
 Carol and I are tossing snow balls at the photographer, missed him completely!  On purpose too.
 This was the road leading from Calgary to Banff.  I told you they weren't in order!
 We saw sights like this and many more along the way.  Every turn in the road opened up another beautiful vista of snow capped peaks.  The road was 2 lanes in each direction and mostly level, somewhat curvy and a real pleasure to drive.  There are turnouts along the way so visitors can stop to admire the views.
At a big, meaning long, horseshoe turn, this fellow was just standing beside the road.  Both of us thought he was a stature until just as we passed he turned his head.
Here's looking down on the road from one of the highest spots on the drive, if I remember it is over 6000 feet at the point.
 This was one of many waterfalls we saw on the drive.
We stayed that night in Jasper.  Since we had no reservations, we were in the "Winter parking area" which is a parking lot with RV spaces marked out and electrical hookups, good thing too since the overnight temp was in the low 40's.  We ran the electrical heat most of the evening.
Next day we headed to Grand Prairie, more spectacular views along the way!
 One of the many rivers we drove beside. 
 Just outside of Jasper this lovely female was on a ridge beside the road, level with the top of the truck. She didn't seem to mind us being there.  The next few are between Jasper and Grand Prairie.  The day was beautiful!  Sunny, cool but so clear.  We really enjoyed the drive.

We stayed 2 nights in Grand Prairie, one at a campground south of town and one boon docked (dry camped) in a parking lot with our friends.  The day started out overcast, then a short rain, then sort of sunny.  Jon and I decided to walk along the nature trail that starts from behind the visitor center.   Caught this seagull fishing just below the dam.

Here's a view of the lake looking toward the college.

Monday morning we headed out from Grande Prairie toward Hythe.  Lots of RV's on the road heading in both directions.  Course it was a holiday in Canada (Victoria Day) and the first of the camping season for Canadians.  Again, good road, two lanes each direction, rolling hills and lots of agriculture in this valley.  Crops here are Canola, Barley, Oats and Wheat along with some cattle ranching and horse farms.
Here's our site in Hythe.  Weather here was very good. Elevation is lower so it was warmer, but the mosquitoes were out too.  When the wind picked up we could be outside.
 Sandy, Kat and Carol, trying to decide what to do.  Cody (the dog) just waiting to go for a walk.  After lunch, Carol, Nancy and I went to one of the picnic shelters and line danced for 2 hours. 
Jon and Jezabel had a really rough day so they took a nap.
And now it's Wednesday the 21st of May.  We left Hythe, made a brief stop in Demmitt for fuel then Pouche Coupe for the Museum before arriving in Dawson about noon.  After lunch Jon and I headed into town to re-supply the fridge.  There are now 9 or 10 rigs here, some of us (14) went to dinner in town.  

See ya down the road!

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