Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rain, Sleet, Hail, Snow!

Here's some photos from a few days ago on the drive from Hutchinson to Siebert, CO.  These were great roads, no traffic at all.

 When we left Siebert, CO this morning the sun was shining, we were looking forward to a delightful day.  Saw this beautiful tree on the outskirts of Greeley
 Then we turned the corner and saw this!
Jon wants one, but there isn't room on our lot in Texas, so he will just have to dream.  It was a beautiful truck.
Heading North out of Greeley the sky darkened, looking very threatening.
Then at a "rest stop" we saw these guys, aren't they cute!

The top one is a Killdeer, below him is a Meadowlark (they have such a beautiful song!)
A few miles further on and this was what greeted us:

Fortunately, Jon was driving, slowly, very slowly.  Elevation here is at or near 6000', it was very windy too!  Just over the top of that distant hill and no more snow, the road was even dry!  We arrived at Terry Bison RV Ranch by mid afternoon, what a temp drop from the morning!  This working ranch is over 25,000 acres and has a herd of Bison in excess of 2500.  They have recently added Camels and Ostrich to their ranch.
 As I write this the rain has picked up again as well as the wind, supposed to last all night, sure hope we don't rock and roll to much!
Oh, by the way, the truck is running great!
See ya down the road!


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