Friday, May 30, 2014

Dawson Creek to Prophet River

We left Dawson Creek the morning of May 24th, heading out on the Alaska Highway.  Our destination for the evening was an abandoned Provincial Park on the Prophet River. Here's some sights along the way.

 We took a short side trip over the old road to the "Historic Kiskatinaw River Bridge which is a 531 foot structure and is the only original timber bridge built along the highway that is still in use today". Quote directly from the Milepost.

 Did I mention that the bridge is curved?

This is the peace river bridge, a cantilever and truss with a metal decking that was completed in 1960 replacing the original suspension bridge started in Dec 1942 with a completion in July 1943.

 Jon and I were the last to arrive at the campsite, but they saved a nice spot for us!  Right across from the main gathering area.
Several of us went for a walk/hike, first to the spring.  That water was very cold! Then we found the trail to a river overlook.

That fire was kept going for the two days we were there.  It sure felt good in the evenings.  Mark N smoked some meat loaf for dinner, the rest of us brought sides to share.  After dinner Carol brought the fixin's for S'mores.  Haven't had those in years, boy oh boy it was good!
 Here's looking down the line of rigs, we filled up half the park. 
 More later, 
See ya down the road!

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