Friday, May 30, 2014

On to Liard Hot Springs

After a very restful night we headed on toward Liard Hot Springs.  Passing thru Toad River, over many small creeks, some named for the men who help to build the road and some for those that helped the men that built the road.  At Strawberry Flat Provincial Park, we caught up with our group, but only stopped long enough to say "morning!".  First thing we saw when we pulled out on the highway again was this little guy.
 That's a porcupine walking down the middle of the road!  It finally turned off in front of us heading to the side of the road.
 Then we spied Buffalo or Bison as they are called up here. 
 As you can see, the road is great, some traffic, but spaced apart so you feel like you are the only one on it sometimes. 

Here's our campsite at the Liard River Hot Springs Lodge.  We needed power because the battery on the trailer is not charging when we drive.  Jon has checked everything he knows to check and can't seem to find the problem.  The rest of our group is across the road at the Provincial Park, no hookups.
More later.

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