Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Cassiar Highway

Day 1  Watson Lake to Dease Lake

Leaving Watson Lake, it is 13 miles West to the Junction with the Cassair Highway.  The road is 2 lane with little to no shoulders and no center line.  For the short distance that is in Yukon Territory there are lots of potholes and frost heaves, then upon entering British Columbia, the road gets better.  There are still frost heaves and potholes, but not as many and most have been repaired so the road is smoother.  Another plus for the highway is NO traffic!

Our first stop was at Jade City.  This is not really a city, but a wide spot where the Jade that is mined in the area is cut and sold. At least some of it.  A lot is sent to the Orient for cutting and polishing, then sent back for sale.

Then the road winds down to Dease Lake where we spent the night.

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