Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Haines

Yesterday dawned with rain but cleared up around mid afternoon and even got sunny by dinner time.  This morning it was raining again!  Rain is expected in this area for the next week!  So we have decided to move on towards Watson Lake then down to Hyder.

A cruise ship arrived here yesterday so the town was a buzzing and crowded.  Here’s a few parting shots.

There are two state parks in Haines, one is Chilkoot State Park and the other is Chilkat State park.  One is North of town and the other is out Mud Bay road to the end South of town.  The shot above is from the park South of town.  Under the clouds is a glacier.  This park didn’t look used at all.

Dalton City, where the movie White Fang was filmed., is part of the fairgrounds.

This lovely seaside cabin is the one that Jon wants.

On the hillside behind the cruise ship is Fort Seward.  Click on the photo for a closer look.

That’s all until we get to Hyder.

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