Saturday, August 2, 2014

Almost to Valdez

After a very restless night, we headed out, continuing East on the Glenn Highway following the Matanuska River to it’s headwaters at the base of the Matanuska Glacier. The Glacier is between 2 and 4 miles wide and more than 39 miles long, heading in a NW direction towards Talkeetna.

Now if you want to get really close to the glacier, there is a commercial operation that will actually let you walk on it.  If you don’t want to pay just to park and walk a bit, then you see it from the highway, which is what we did.

Here’s the commercial operation and the only way to get close.

Just as impressive from the road with a good close up lens.

Below is one of the many lakes we saw from the road, some can be gotten to with 4-wheelers but most are inaccessible due to boggy conditions.

Drum Mountain was visible ahead of us, looks like it rises out of the road.  We took several mountain shots just because they were so very pretty.

Here’s Squirrel Creek, our site is just above it.

We’ll spend the weekend here then head on down to Valdez.

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