Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teslin to Watson Lake

Tried to get the oil changed in the truck at WM early this am but the tech didn’t show up for work so we headed out.  This is a repeat road for us since we came in on the same route.  Even stayed at the same campground – Teslin Lake Campground, a Yukon Territory Park – overlooking the lake.  This time we visited the George Johnston Museum.  The raspberries growing in front of the museum were delightful!  Since the day was sunny, we sat outside for a while.  The rain began in the late afternoon, continued thru the night.  The next day was more rain.  We headed out with caution, both of us watching the road.  At the first potty stop, we found 1/4 inch of water inside!  After cleaning it up, we continued on to Watson Lake.  Spent the balance of the day cleaning the rig.  Soon discovered where the water was coming in from.  When the tire came apart, it smacked into the fender well bending it up, leaving a huge opening for water to come in.  At the suggestion of the campground owner, Jon got out the scissors jack in an effort the get the cover back down where it belongs.  It worked, mostly, still had a gap.  Jon came up with the idea of making a “bandage” with coke cans, he cut them apart making long strips.  Using super glue to hold them in place.  Now we need silicone and duct tape to complete the job.  Only problem is that all the stores are closed because of Discovery Day and won’t be open again until Tuesday. 

We drove out to the Airport, it’s a historical site now, but during WWII it was one of the ferry points on the lend lease program.  Lots of great historical photos in the terminal building now.

Tuesday we got the supplies we needed and completed the repairs as best we could.  Our friends Kim and Jim arrived this afternoon, we’ll travel together, sort of, to Hyder.

We’ve had rain sporadically every day here.  Hope it’s done now.

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