Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 4 on to Stewart/Hyder

Today’s drive was longer, about 160 miles.  Rain early this morning, we just did not want to get out of bed, got really cold, for us, last night.  But we did and soon the sun was shinning.  Very pleasant drive, especially because we saw a Black Bear, two of them.  The first one ran up the hill into the brush but the second was beside the road eating bushes.

The road wound up and down the hills and round and round too.

That’s our friends Kim and Jim in front of us.

Then we came to Bear Glacier, it used to be all the way across the lake to the road, but it is receding up the draw, still a beautiful sight.

Jon and I decided to head over to Hyder to try to see some bears this afternoon.  Only thing we saw were Salmon and a few birds, a Great Blue Heron, a Belted Kingfisher and a Cedar Waxwing.  We also saw a Yellow Rumped Warbler but it was too fast for a photo.

We’ll try for bears again tomorrow.

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