Friday, October 17, 2014

The end of the line

We had a  couple of very long days, 480 miles one day and 550 the next, but we arrived back at Rainbow’s End Tuesday afternoon, hot tired and dirty!  Fall seems to have arrived here in East Texas, the temps are not to high and there is no humidity to speak of – which is a real pleasure!

So here’s a few photos from the drive home.


Ocotillo Cactus, which are really a member of the rose family and a Giant Saguaro

Can you see the Indian on the mountain?  From West Texas?

Sunset over the Colorado River.

Just the facts please!

We drove the truck in excess of 18,000 miles.  Towed the trailer over 14,000 miles.  We were gone a total of 168 days and took over 4300 still photos and 20 movies.  This was a truly amazing journey.  The sights we saw were awesome, the mountains majestic, rivers that defy description, and animals we never in our wildest imagination thought we would see.  We traveled with some wonderful people, laughed, cried and told stories, had breakdowns (vehicle) and helped each other along the way.  We ate out, cooked pot luck and ate in.  We samples beers we’d never heard of.  Rode trains to fantastic places, took boat rides to see glaciers calving and watched with mouth open  in wonder.  Took back roads to the top of mountains just to see the view, drove thru passes that left us thunderstruck.  Explored an old mine and watched some locals fish for salmon (they even gave us some which was wonderful).

I say to you, if you have the chance to go to Alaska, DON’T WAIT!  Do it by all means!  I hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventure, it was fun to write and a great way to remember what we did!

Until our next adventure, stay healthy and happy.

Sue & Jon Glick and our cat Jezebel.

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